I am a visual artist working mainly in printmaking and mixed media.

My work is informed by landscape, seascape and textures of the natural world.


I am currently exploring the seemingly endless possibilities of hand printmaking methods, in particular collagraphs.

I love the physicality of making the printing plate, building up layers of texture with any humble materials that come to hand.

It proves to be a fascinating medium to work with as despite plenty of planning, there is always that unexpected element to surprise you!


I've always had an interest in the surrounding landscape and the textures and patterns of the natural and man-made world. I usually start a project by making drawings and taking photographs.These then become deconstructed and re-asembled as I enter into an experimentation stage. I never quite know at the beginning where it wll take me, but that's part of the excitement of creating art.


I welcome commissions.



About me